Our Story

Trest Enterprises been established for the sole purpose of helping small businesses succeed.

Not for profit

Social Enterprise
At Trest Enterprises we believe strongly in making a positive impact on the world. We are a Social Enterprise designed to create jobs in areas where there are limited employment opportunities. Through Trest Enterprises, our staff are able to work close to home rather than having to travel for hours each day to support themselves and their families.

Giving Back
Trest Enterprises supports a number of organisations in a not for profit capacity in the economic development and also disability areas including the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Lifestyle Connections. 

Our Founder

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About Nancy

We are seeing that working for other people no longer has the benefits that it once had. Wages haven't increased in the last 10 years. Also it's getting harder to get a job and get into work that you enjoy and that is certain! This is then driving more people to start working for themselves. With 70%+ failures rates in the first 12 months, Nancy didn't want to keep seeing people excitedly opening businesses only to close them shortly after. She has worked tirelessly to understand what makes start up businesses succeed and in turn has created programs that have over 90% of clients who start a business and do her training and mentoring program, still in business beyond 12 months.

Nancy is a qualified Trainer and has completed a wide range of training including in the areas of corporate management, project management, training and assessment, small business management, social entrepreneurship, workplace health and safety, financial services, change management, business process management and business acumen. Nancy is a training and mentoring specialist in the first 12 months of trading.

Her interest in business started at age 6 – running a market stall – and has continued through to attaining a degree in business and owning a string of successful businesses. Having also had experience in the corporate environment has given her the skills to ensure that the business owners that she trains and mentors build strong foundations of governance crucial for success in the future. In total she has 21 years experience owning and running businesses and 9 years experience in mentoring businesses and in management consulting. Nancy has helped train and/or mentor over 1300 businesses and has spent over 40,000 hours studying business and learning how to make a successful business. She aspires to help individuals and businesses make positive life changes by sharing her extensive experience in enterprise development. She is passionate about supporting people to realise their business dreams.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nancyjohns2/